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This documentation page describes implementations made in our v17.2 release cycle. To learn about functionality shipping with v18.1, navigate to our updated help file experience at docs.devexpress.com. Learn More

How to: Filter List Views on the UI Specific Level

This topic describes how to specify a filter to be used in a control that visualizes a specific List View (e.g., GridControl or ASPxGridView control.


Mobile applications do not support client-side filtration, so the approach described in this topic cannot be implemented on the Mobile platform.

Run the Model Editor and navigate to the required List View node (e.g., Views | Contact_ListView). In the property grid to the right, find the IModelListView.Filter property and click the ellipsis button to the right of the property value. In the invoked Filter Builder, specify the required filter.

The result is demonstrated in the images below.



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