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XAF Mobile (Beta) Tutorial

With XAF Mobile, you can generate iOS and Android apps and allow users to access XAF application data from their smartphones. These mobile apps will reuse the database, as well as other aspects of the data model, application logic and UI settings of an existing XAF application.

It is presumed that you have already reviewed the Comprehensive Tutorial and created an XPO-based XAF application. Here, you will learn how to add a mobile client to the MySolution application you developed.


The Mobile UI supports business model design with eXpressPersistent Objects (XPO) only. Entity Framework (EF) and Domain Components (DC) are not supported.

Prior to following the steps in this tutorial, make sure you have the ASP.NET MVC 4 installed. A free download is available on the ASP.NET Website. By default, it is installed automatically with Visual Studio 2012 or later.

It is recommended that you perform the lessons listed below sequentially.

You can try the online demo at http://demos.devexpress.com/XAF/MainDemoMobile/.

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